6 Eyewear trends driving Design in 2022


Eyewear manufacturers have entered 2022 with a mandate to grow sales faster than the global eyewear market. According to Grandview Research, the eyewear market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% from 2021 to 2028, reaching close to $280B by 2028. This means that eyewear manufacturers need to grow 10%+ organically to hit their goals. Eyewear designers and engineers are being tasked with developing new solutions that will help the company grow in this competitive market.

As we work with leading designers, we are seeing a number of best practices being deployed that are impacting their ability to deliver on these priorities. In this post, we will lay out the top 5 eyewear design trends for 2022 and dig in further in subsequent posts on how eyewear manufacturers are planning around these trends.

  1. Improve existing eyewear designs: The first way to drive growth is to improve the existing eyewear products. This may require improving comfort through nose pads or other gripping technology. It may be the frames or lenses that are upgraded. Finding innovative ways to secure eyeglasses to keep them from slipping down a person’s nose. Finding ways to lock in on trends that are on the horizon can improve the perception and value of eyeglasses. With better eyewear designs, manufacturers are able to charge premium prices.
  2. Increase product SKUs: Many designers are being tasked with developing more SKUs to bring to market. This may be more styles, colors, or demographics. These new eyewear designs require new materials, accessories such as nose pads, and development processes.
  3. Increasing demographic targets: Kids eyewear continues to see high growth, both in volume and price point. Parents want more selections in terms of colors, frame styles, and gripping tech. Branching out into protective eyewear works for certain manufacturers looking to diversify industries and applications.
  4. Sourcing materials: Given global supply chain shortages, eyewear manufacturers are limited in the plastics, metals, gripping materials, and other eyewear accessories necessary to develop new designs. More niche materials, like wood, bone, or precious stones will also be in short supply, dictating, and constraining, the materials that will be available for eyewear designers and engineers. Designers are actively seeking out eyewear materials vendors that can produce at scale.
  5. Standing out in Retail environments: The point of purchase requires eyewear products to stand out and be differentiated from the other products available. Brick and mortar continue to drive close to 80% of eyewear sales, so retail positioning continues to be critical to the success of eyewear lines. The comfort and feel of the eyewear when a consumer tries it on play a large role in what the consumer selects. Having quality nose pad grips built into solutions can help set them apart.
  6. Growth in influencers and social trends: Eyewear designers need to be on top of trends in fashion, comfort, and performance. Social media personalities with large followings are influencing trends like never before. The @SetexGrip Instagram account is featuring influencers that are enjoying the comfort and grip of Setex Nose Pads on their eyewear. These trendsetters should be followed to stay on top of what their audiences are engaging with and developing preferences for.

Eyewear designers have a lot to look forward to this year. The market is ripe for growth and disruption. Manufacturers will need to keep up with the competition. New eyewear technology and solutions will be designed that will revolutionize the eyewear industry. A combination of improved performance, additional comfort, and fashion will lead the way. Setex Technologies will be there for eyewear manufacturers as they seek out new gripping technology for nose pads and other eyewear applications.