Setex Technologies Company Overview

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A gecko's grip has been replicated in multi-patented products to provide unique gripping technology to solve almost any adhesive problem. Based on the physical characteristics of a gecko's feet, Setex products do not rely on chemical adhesion and leave no residue. As a result, it can be used in laboratories, manufacturing floors, or everyday settings.

A gecko’s incredible ability to run across walls and stick to ceilings is not attributed to sticky secretions, but millions of nano-scale foot hairs called setae. Each hair’s flat, spatula-shaped tip creates a small molecular-level bond with the surface. The cumulative effect of the millions of hairs results in an extraordinary force. Like the setae on gecko’s feet, Setex is made up of millions of microscopic structures that attach and grip to surfaces securely through intermolecular forces making it extraordinarily strong.

Like a gecko’s feet, Setex Technologies can pattern a polymer film, fabric, or another moldable material surface to create an array of fibrillar structures that are customizable to suit different needs. These structures have an adhesion strength tunable from near-zero to several hundred kPa and can survive for more than 5,000 uses because the adhesion is physical, not chemical.

Setex products deliver dry adhesives, fasteners, and gripping or friction materials that are safe, residue-free, and reliable. This gripping technology provides countless comfortable and repeatable applications for everyday products, industrial or medical needs from sporting equipment to first responder masks and medical wrapping tape. These flexible, low-profile materials have high durability and a longer life span than their chemical competitors. The adhesive properties allow for fine-tuning of shear, pull-off, and peel strength to suit a variety of needs. Setex adhesives come in tape, fasteners, and gripping or friction materials.

Setex Tape is a line of non-tacky tapes that are repeatable and residue-free. It’s the first commercial manufacturer of dry adhesive technology that is fully customizable and can be used in applications such as semiconductor parts handling, glass handling, robotics end effectors, packaging, and mounting to smooth surfaces.

Setex Fastener is a low-profile, two-sided, silent fastening system that is low-weight and can be hermetically sealed, making it ideal for upholstery, automotive seats, packaging, and hermetic closures. Its reusability and hermetic seal make it one of a kind by getting up to 5,000 uses in applications with temperatures ranging from -20°C to 100°C (-4°F to 212°F). the ultra-thin fasteners make a great solution for leading product designers who are frustrated with the limitations of the usual hook and loop and mushroom connectors.

Setex Grip materials give advanced gripping and friction material solutions. Applications include eyewear, earbuds, orthotics, medical face masks, sports equipment, and any moldable surface that touches skin. Using Van der Waals forces, Setex Grip has a higher gripping and friction performance than other dry materials in slick or oily conditions, especially for items in contact with the skin. It is also applicable for textiles, plastics, and elastomers and can be integrated with productions through in-mold designs for injection molded parts.

Setex also provides in-house development and engineering capabilities to design, prototype, and deliver boundless dry adhesive and gripping solutions. If you would like more information about how Setex products can meet your industry needs, call (412) 224-2136 or email