Setex Technology’s Dry Adhesive Technology


Setex Technology’s dry adhesives provide countless product applications, including technology, manufacturing, laboratory, and medical settings. The first commercial manufacturer of micro-fibrillar polymer-based dry adhesives is based on the physical characteristics of a gecko’s feet, enabling repeatable, residue-free, customizable gripping technology. These gecko-inspired adhesives solve challenges current adhesives, gripping materials, and fasteners can’t.

A gecko’s ability to run across walls and stick to ceilings is purely physical and not attributed to sticky secretions or chemicals. Millions of nano-scale foot hairs called setae enable the reptile to stick to any surface without the risk of falling continually. Each hair’s flat, spatula-shaped tip creates a small molecular-level bond with the surface. The cumulative effect of the millions of hairs results in an extraordinary force. Setex has a customizable adhesive strength, with directional control over adhesion (anisotropic material), and is thin, flexible, silent, and hermetic.


These dry adhesives are not coated and don’t require a wait time after application, making them ideal in laboratory and medical settings. Because Setex products have a physical grip, they have a longer life than their chemical-based counterparts and offer residue-free bonding. Setex patterns a surface (which can be a polymer film, fabric, or other moldable material) to create hundreds of fibrillar structures with mushroom-shaped tips, each one having a diameter measured in microns. Using dry intermolecular forces rather than wet chemical adhesion, the tips’ surfaces have adhesion strength tunable from near-zero up to several hundred kPa and can survive for more than 5,000 uses. This gives engineers the ability to alter the material to enhance its gripping abilities and fit the need of a specific solution—the more microfiber tips in contact with the surface and the contact time, the stronger the adhesive.


Visionary product designers can implement creative, first-to-market designs and solve challenging, costly manufacturing problems with Setex products. Mass production of custom solutions or off-the-shelf products that use the adhesives, gripping material, and fastener markets are readily available. In addition, a database of hundreds of nano-and micro-geometries is open to engineers to apply their custom design for perfect adhesive solutions.


Setex adhesives are available in gripping products, tape, and fasteners. Their nature-inspired gripping works even in wet or oily environments. 


For display glass handling, pick and place, dynamic glass handling, optical glass handling, hermetic closures, home assistant device mounting, adhesive medical equipment, medical wrapping tape, reusable packaging, robotics end effectors, semiconductor pick and place, and x-ray imaging plate mounting Setex Tape provides countless possibilities that are residue-free and non-tacky with high repeatability.


Setex Grip can also be produced with a variety of materials. This high-friction microfiber surface can be molded out of polymer chemistries, including TPU, TPO, TPE, SEBS, and silicones at various levels of hardness ranging from 15 Shore A to 85 Shore A.


Setex Grip is certified for skin safety, is resistant, and has a smooth feel with reduced chafing. The low profile adhesive is available in 1mm and 0.6 mm thicknesses, is non-tacky, and residue-free and comes in custom colors and sizes. 


Setex Grip's strong hold retains around 70% of the original friction to skin in wet conditions and 30% in oily conditions, which lends itself to eyewear, earbuds, socks, sports gloves, sports equipment, masks, and any other moldable surface that comes in touch with skin.


Setex Fastener is a two-part fastening system that is thin and flexible. It can be hermetically sealed, making it amenable for packing and manufacturing needs. The Setex Fastener is conformable to curvatures and can get up to 5,000 uses in applications with temperatures ranging from -20oC to 100oC. 


The material’s microfiber surface is sleek, quiet, hermetic, and flexible meeting the toughest fastening application challenges. Its two-part closure system is analogous to hook and loop fasteners, consisting of a mating surface component and a dry adhesive microfiber component. The thin and flexible Setex closure conforms easily to tight curvatures allowing automotive designers to create thinner, more ergonomic seats.


Setex has in-house development and engineering capabilities to design, prototype, and evaluate various microfibrillar structures (setae) to deliver dry adhesive and gripping solutions. If you are interested in learning more about how Setex can meet your product needs, email or (412)224-2136.