The Benefits of Partnering with Setex Technologies

A variety of industries have discovered the benefits of partnering with Setex Technologies. Years of academic research which set out to examine how a gecko can defy gravity gave birth to Setex®. It is a dry adhesive technology supplying micro-fibrillar polymer based dry adhesives and surfaces for a wide range of product applications. It supplies innovative solutions to a diversity of products that require adhesion, gripping and fastening solutions.

Studied, researched and developed at Carnegie Mellon University, Setex® is a uniquely effective adhesive technology. From this discovery, Dr. Metin Sitti, a professor of Mechanical Engineering founded and spun out Setex Technologies, formerly known as nanoGriptech from the University in 2009. Since then, the Setex Technologies team of experts has secured multiple research awards from organizations, including the National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, and the PA NanoMaterials Commercialization Center.

Commercially innovative, practical, adaptable, and customizable, industries are benefiting from partnering with Setex Technologies. Industries currently using Setex® as a solution in adhesion, gripping and fastening include, medical, sports, aerospace, wearables, semiconductors, automotive and more.

Setex® Delivers a Permanent Solution For Temporary Bonding

Setex Tape is one of the amazing products developed by Setex Technologies designed for industrial manufacturing and adapted to the consumer market. This residue free, non-tacky tape provides a combination of delicate strength, flexibility, and reusability for applications such as semiconductor and glass handling. It is effectively used for mounting, packaging and throughout the biological and robotics industries.

Setex Tape is the first commercially available dry adhesive technology that supplies both a permanent and temporary bonding solution. It is a dry, residue-free adhesive that can be used repeatedly. Setex Technologies will collaborate with any partner in customizing an exclusive solution for their needs.

The Setex Team is ready to work with partners who require gravity defying slippage, adhesion, gripping power and reusability.

The Partner Process at Setex Technologies

The Setex Technology partner process includes a team of professionals who are ready to work on a comprehensive, customized solution for individualized applications. Partners with Setex reap the benefits of years of evolutionary knowledge obtained from studying the gravity defying gecko. Along with an understanding of adhesion taught by the power of nature, the Setex Technologies Team provides, planning, strategy, development, manufacturing and unique end use strategies.

Partnering with Setex Technologies begins with defining the product, uses, expectations, design, target cost, specs, manufacturing, and subassemblies needed. Once the parameters and uses of the customized partner project are completed, the design process begins.

Upon completion of the design process the prototype manufacturing begins. Setex is determined to supply the adhesion, gripping, or fastening solution that best benefits the partner’s use. Prototyping customized products for partners include, testing manufacturing solutions, along with verifying that the product exceeds expectations and is a workable solution for the needs of the partner.

The final phase is launching the product with the partner. This includes manufacturing, assembly, and training. The Setex Team follows through with end users to ensure superior quality that performs its designed functionality.

Setex Makes Products Better

Setex is involved with partners in a diversity of industries. Setex doesn’t make products, it makes them perform better. Setex benefits partners by defying gravity, preventing slippage, supplying reusable adhesion, and preparing for the future

Setex doesn’t make prosthetics, it improves how they help the person. Setex doesn’t make the earbuds, it keeps them in place. Setex doesn’t make the game, it keeps the controller in your hand.

Setex is ready to work with manufacturers and developers of products that need to defy gravity, today and tomorrow, on earth and in space.